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Just made the 300 Km in Italy from the UCI European Cup in Verolanuova to Maniago, where the 2018 World Championships will take place. Verolanuova: A 2nd place in the Road Race behind World Champion Pierre Senska and ahead of local hero Giancarlo Masini was good enough to win the Cup together with the TT win on Saturday. So this was a good start in the racing season.🥇🥈🏆👍 Maniago: Checked the World Championship🌈 race course and collected some data. Well, not bad, but more a flat course anyway🙄. Hope, they make the races at least reasonable long to make them difficult. #WirfuerD #Bundeswehr #Sparkasse #BVSBayern #Adidascycling #Adidaseyewear #uvex #ScottSports #noshortcuts #PaulLange #Shimano #PRO #Schwalbe #Ortema #Powerbar #LaVita
Form is obviously good: First seasonal victory at the Time Trial race at the UCI European Cup in Verolanuova/Italy.👊😃👍
The final training camp before the start of the racing season is done. Only a week on Majorca, but quite intense with 900 km. The performance: 376 personal awards on strava segments around the island, what means, that I was faster on the move than ever before. A fast group for sure with my teammates from the Bavarian squad, but you have to hold the speed anyway as a C1. I feel well prepared for the upcoming races. Some small ones in the next few weeks and the first UCI World Cup from 4th-6th May in Oostende/BEL.👍👊😃. 😃. #WirfuerD #Bundeswehr #sparkasse #noshortcuts #rideonscott #adidascycling #adidaseyewear #uvex #paullange #shimano #pro #schwalbe #powerbar #ortema
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